We do a WU transfer to you.
No risk for the customer.

Transaction time max. 2 hours after payment confirmation.
You will get:
1. Valid MTCN
2. Sender information

Western Union will do an automatic exchange to your local currency.
You will receive the currency valid in your country.
In some cases it is not possible to send the complete amount in one action.
We will then split it into seperate transactions.
At your request we can set these transaction to a time/date schedule.

Order via E-Mail : originalcenter@secmail.pro

Place your order like this to speed up the process:
1: Full Name :
2: Country :
3: Valid email for sending MTCN info:

Volume discount possible
Transfer Amount
1000 €
100 $
2.000 €
150 $
3.000 €
200 $
5.000 €
0.0613 ฿