1. Are you trustbale ?
We have a lot of happy customers/resellers who order regularly but we cant share any information how much succesful financial operation we doing daily.

2. Do you have other websites or shops?
Most of our clients act as RESELLER - But they are complete independent.

3. Why are you selling cards ? Why don't you cash out the cards yourselves?
We cashout a lot Cards by ourself but it is a risk for us. To cashout all Cards in the same area by the same circle of persons is obviously, so we sell them in the whole World. It makes it easier for us to cash them out safely.
It is Win / Win situation for all.

4. How can in order ?
You can place an order direct by email originalcenter@secmail.pro
We work almost 24/7.

5. How can i get ensure to get what i paid for ?
We are serious about our business and a satisfied customer who is likely to order again is worth much more than any scammed 100 dollars.
We are interested in catching you as a longtime customer and want to make money with you together.

6. What is when Card doesnt arrived after shipping Period ? Do i get my money back ?
If a delivery get lost or if their any problems with the Card we will replace them.
All our packages come with a Trackingcode. We send you a Card with ordered balance
We will check all Cards before we send them out
If we see you have made a payment with the ordered card we don't replace them !
No replace for WU transfer !

*IMPORTANT* Do not contact us, when you have the following questions/topics:
- If you can't pay and think we should send you a credit card for free and you will pay afterwards.
- If you want to make payments other then Bitcoins.
- If you want to know any insider information

For other questions or offers please :

CONTACT US : originalcenter@secmail.pro
Volume discount possible